Maken specialises in the supply of commercial diving equipment, marine and civil engineering equipment around the world.

Diving: High and Low Pressure Compressors (Ingersoll Rand, Quincy, Kaeser, Williams & James, Compair, Bauer) plus air receivers, pipework, gauges and fittings (Hoke, Parker, Swagelok) specials and one-off designs.

Decompression chambers for offshore, military and medical use.

Underwater NDT Equipment and instrumentation and useables. (Krautkramer, Howard-Chambers, Ardrox)

General Diving Equipment - Wet & Dry suits, regulators, comms-sets, cylinders, stab-jackets, compasses, cameras, weight belts, harnesses, lifting bags, lights.

Machinery - Generators, Welders, Cranes, Engines, Grout Mixers and pumps. Electrical fittings, fresh water and sea water pumps, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, dead-weight testers, Hydrostatic testers, tools and hydraulic power packs.

Medical resuscitators, Hyperbaric Therapy Chambers (HBO)

Boats - RIBs, inflatables, SOLAS boats, engines rope, wire, electrics, radios, anodes, lifejackets

Spares for everything we sell…and probably everything you use.

Over a quarter of a century's experience of shipping to the Middle East, Africa and Asia… tell us what you need and we will get it to you by air, sea or courier.

For further information, please contact Nick Faulkner at:
Maken Marine & Industrial, 215 Newmarket Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 6AP, UK

Telephone +44(0)1603 250550 Fax +44(0)1603 250750
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