HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen) therapy chambers have moved on from the old concept of diving compression chambers.

While the mechanics and principles remain similar, true medical chambers have different design and application requirements. The most important difference is they have to be used by patients who are not used to the restrictions that divers take as normal and therefore the chambers have to be designed for easy access with comfortable seating so the patients do not feel claustrophobic and intimidated.

Hytech are the world leaders in design of this type of chamber. Their HBO chambers are in use in hospitals throughout Europe and are being fitted in medical facilities in the Far and Middle East. are the world leaders in design of this type of chamber.

Hytech because a constant research and development programme keeps their chambers ahead of the their competitors incorporating the latest medical monitoring equipment in a safe and attractive environment that puts patient care in first place.

Hytech for automated computer controlled treatment sessions with manual monitoring and instant manual override. The individual patient's records, treatment and programme…even billing can be automatically generated.

Message to Doctors…Do not specify an HBO chamber for your hospital until you have checked out the latest Hytech advances.

Hytech can advise on siting, facility design, training, monitoring, and will put you in touch with doctors using the latest HBO treatment schedules for Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Gangrene, Carbon Monoxide poisoning, diving medicine, wound healing sports injuries and cosmetic surgery.

For Hytech first call Nick Faulkner at Maken who will advise the Hytech consultant for your region to deal directly with your enquiry.

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